Veterans restoration

In 1995 we started in addition to servicing standard vehicles also repairing older vehicles so - called youngtimers or oldtimers. With this activity I practically started in 1964, then the vehicle bodywork did not last very long and so everything had to be repaired. Later, I put my experience to good use when I started to work in the garage in Germany where I carried out in addition to routine repairs the restoration of oldtimers. After the termination of employment in Germany, I introduced this activity in my company with the difference that customers very often asked for a complete restoration of the vehicle, and so I laid my hands on cars of many various car brands.


To be able to work with higher efficiency we equipped the workshop with car chassis straightening bench and special tools. Now we can produce often missing parts of the chassis and body.     
 In 2007 I completed the training in the vehicle academy in Schweinfurt, which was designed both theoretically and practically for the production of parts of bodywork. We cooperate with a professional upholsterer, who has extensive experience in interior restoration of most valuable veterans (eg Rolls Royce).
We cooperate also with the highest level paint shops.


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